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Casey Christine Presents is a multi-dimensional Sovereign Creatrix. 

From stripper to nurse... to holistic health coach, multi-million-dollar

network marketer, multi-million-dollar real estate property investor,

multi-dimensional spiritual leader, and world class breath ceremonialist,

Casey Christine Presents is truly a multi-dimensional creatrix of quantum

expansion. All of her offerings are co-created from her sacred heart to yours.

Her creations provide a foundation for you to help yourself release all attachments to suffering.  One who is healed/ing remembers they are already whole and can embrace a life of peace and prosperity.


When we are able to release needless suffering we no longer experience lack, scarcity, anxiety, and unhealthy levels of stress. We are then able to move into prosperity consciousness and enjoy a life of PEACE, the ultimate prosperity. To liberate ourselves from our own suffering automatically helps liberate humanity. 

"The world is healed when nations are healed. Nations are healed when states/provinces are healed. States/provinces are healed when local communities are healed. Local communities are healed when families are healed. Families are healed when the children are healed. Children are healed when the men are healed. Men are healed when the women are healed. The women are healed when we return to The Great Mother who has never left us. So please know, as you heal yourself, you heal the world. There is no greater gift you can give to the world than to heal yourself ( Heal-Thy Self)  by returning to the earthly and spiritual elements of The Great Holy Mother and Holy Father that have the power to heal all things."~  Casey Christine Presents


Casey is the pastor of The Church of Sovereign Temples ( which is a non-traditional church that’s free of religious dogma. Casey is a Divine Feminine Christ leader honoring all names of God and walks of faith. Her ministry and offerings unify all hearts through reminding us to honor the Divinity in ourselves and in all others from remembering we are all children of the Most High. And in truth, WE ARE ONE!


Casey believes that living a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous life is the greatest gift you can offer to humanity. 

Casey is passionate about Sophia Circle Journeys ® and includes them in her ministry. (

To gather with your family of light LIVE, visit

Casey invites you to subscribe, follow, and like her social media platforms to get connected

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